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  • Legacy Academy - Early Childcare Centers
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  • Legacy Academy - Early Childcare Centers

Legacy Academy for Children - Early Child Care Development and Education Excellence

Choose Legacy Academy - The best Early Childcare and Education for your child! We believe that Legacy Academy provides the best Child Care Learning experience by empowering children to be the best they can be! What many call daycare, we call child care because children are our focus.  Throughout each day, we care for the unique, inquisitive, and fascinating infants, toddlers and young children entrusted to us. 

We know that all people need opportunities to learn and grow to become healthy, responsible, independent, and self-sufficient individuals, so that is our goal. Most of our centers offer state funded pre-kindergarten programs that provides top tier learning experiences and care for every child.  Children come first as we strive to make the difference! Legacy Academy caregivers and teachers provide children with love, joy, encouragement, and the feeling of "being special". This underlying philosophy helps ensure the satisfaction of the parents who entrust their children to our care and in turn makes Legacy Academy a successful business opportunity, meeting an important need for a growing market. 

We provide early childhood care and education schools in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina and and our mission is to serve children, staff, families, and communities with developmentally appropriate early care. We have made a commitment to providing a positive, nurturing, and enriched learning environment and experiences that foster cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in each child as an individual. We believe that early care and education can make a positive difference in the lives of children and that our efforts help parents pursue careers and activities within our communities that contribute to and enhance the healthy development of the family unit and the community as a whole. 

Legacy Academy offers exceptional infant, toddler and pre-K education and is Georgia's leading infant and toddler education specialist.

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Framework For Their Future ® - Our Early Childcare Curriculum

The Legacy Academy Curriculum, Framework for Their Future®, was designed by a team of child development and childcare experts and copyrighted for the exclusive use of Legacy Academy for children.  This framework is grounded in current early childhood and recent brain development research. 

At Legacy Academy we feel we can make a difference in the lives of children and their teachers, and that we are responsible for the "whole" child. Our curriculum includes experiences with real works of art and classical music. We encourage our children to learn about Renoir and Picasso, and to hear and move to the works of the great musical masters. Among those masters, we make sure that Mother Goose has a special place. The imagery, language, and the rhythm and rhyme of nursery rhymes are perfect reading readiness skill builders. A Character Building focus rounds out each monthly plan. Our children are never too young to learn about honesty, patience, or friendship.

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