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Gillian Barry


Hi, I am Gillian, and I have owned the Legacy Academy Suwanee location since 2004.  I am originally from Ireland, but I enjoy living in the South.  I have three wonderful sons of my own, two in college and one in high school.
My background was in banking, but I have always loved children and am now very fortunate to be able to say that I love what I do.  I understand the challenges parents face when juggling parenting and a career, and have been an active parent in the education and activities of my own family, from volunteering at their schools, to currently serving as treasurer of the board for the rowing club where my youngest son participates

Over the past ten years, I have had the honor of caring for many wonderful children, and getting to know many people in the great community of Suwanee.  We have a warm friendly center, with great teachers, and it is truly a team effort, from the efforts of my very dedicated staff to the input of our parents, and the help and support we receive from our corporate staff. There is something new every day, and we cherish the moments when we see the children reach another milestone. We were honored to be chosen by GAYC as a sponsor program, and they are assisting us through our re-accreditation process, which takes approximately a year.  I believe, as a parent, that a strong foundation for learning and success, begins in the early years.  Our curriculum, which was developed by Legacy Academy, is an excellent interactive curriculum, strong on education, but allowing the teachers to sit and play, and constantly communicate with the children.  Our toys and equipment are used during education time, so that the children learn through play.  As a result, our children learn quickly but in a very loving environment. Our center is bright, colorful, and filled with priceless works of art!

Thank you to our very supportive families, we really appreciate you and love your children.  If you are considering us for childcare, stop by anytime, we would love to show you around, and welcome you to our center!

Contact Information

4055 Smithtown Road
Suwanee, Georgia 30024

Local: (770)-932-2800
Fax: (678)-714-1422
Email: lasuwanee/at/

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